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Redefine the concept of service offering Future Nas is in a continuous quest for finding new and creative ways to do things that used to cost more time, money or work force Future Nas promises its customers with creative solutions that eases the way to achieve goals


Future Nas brings the best price/performance value solutions to its customers using a unique delivery model using the best practice and utilizing the wide experience of its team in the field Future Nas assures that low prices do not affect the quality of solution it provides


Future Nas focuses on understanding the customer's needs, customer's business challenges and customer's growth plans and uses this understanding to build its proposed solutions Future Nas tailors its solutions based on beep understanding of customer needs


Future NAS is a Saudi company with great breadth and depth in its resource and solutions base, providing enterprise solutions with world-class services.

Future NAS employs highly qualified and skilled personnel. Through a combination of leading- edge solutions and world- class services

Latest News

Large Microsoft AX implementation

Future Nas won the ERP consultation project with Al-Saif Land Transport Company. Future Nas will do the following: Study and analyze Al-Saif Land Transport internal process and recommend the industry best practice Inspect Al-Saif IT infrastructure setup for readiness to host ERP Solution Represent Al-Saif IT department for all third party communications during contract period Insure the best ERP implementation that achieves the objectives of Al-Saif

Al-Seif land transport restructuring

Future Nas signed a contract with Al-Saif to provide management consultation to Al-Saif Group where future Nas will help in the following: Design the organization restructure process Build Al-Saif organization structure Optimize Al-Saif process flow Help in the recruitment of the best candidates for the top management positions Work closely with Al-Saif management to prepare the company for IPO by end of 2015 It is our honor and pleasure to take care of Al-Saif development and growth plan